How to Lose Fat in 3 Steps

Losing your body fat should not be this complicated task. It requires some discipline and understanding how your body functions in general.

Step 1: Compute Your Daily Caloric Needs

Get your daily caloric needs using an online calculator and use a fitness application such as myfitnesspal. Track your calories and write down your calories. This should take five minutes per day maximum.

Step 2: Compute Your Macronutrients Needs

Macronutrients are the main food components: protein, carbohydrates and lipids (or fats). You need to have a balanced diet taking into account these macros so it required understanding the function of each of them. Computing how much protein, carbs and fats you can eat per day is a more flexible form of calorie counting. You can use an app like “myfitnesspal” to calculate your macro needs.

A meal plan is not necessary but you should know how much macronutrients you can eat per day. I recommend a breakdown like this one: 35% of your food should be of protein source, 50% carbs and 15% fat. It’s a realistic breakdown and you will focus on good quality products only.

Step 3: Weigh Yourself Daily And Adjust Your Calories Weekly

Use a body fat scale everyday at the same time of the day and write down your weight and body fat. Don’t freak out! make a weekly average of your results. The body fat will change with the amount of water in your body.

Each week, see if your weight is going down. If not, lower calories by 200 (if your total calories was 2000 per day, try to eat 1800 calories).

If you can’t eat less food, add some cardio exercises (walking, running whatever makes you happy). Cardio won’t help you lose weight but it will allow you to eat more! Cardio burns calories not fat! To burn fat you have to lower your calorie intake.

What Next ?

Avoid any sort of junk or processed food. Learn discipline first, invest the best food for your body and cut on sugar and alcohol. It’s recommended to have some reference meals. For instance 120g of cooked rice (or two hand cupped), two chicken breasts, 200g of green veggies, one tea spoon of olive oil, some spices. That’s a reference meal to help me reach my macronutrients need for the day. If I don’t have time to cook a salmon bagel is a good option as well, 4 egg whites etc.

When you start to see result you can relax a bit and eat some sweets but you will quicky understand that it’s not neccessary for your body. We are bombarded all day by ads and incentives to buy food we don’d want to eat. Food is in abundance so learning how to only eat what is necessary will build your character.

Good Luck And Don’t Give Up!

For more, check my youtube video below on 3 easy steps to lose weight:


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